Sunday, 8 February 2015

Time to panic?

So much time has been taken up with bear repairs for the old boys since Christmas and I have enjoyed every minute!  I have also been hard at work building a new website which is time consuming.  The new website will have a blog attached but I am still fond of this one!!  If anyone would like a peek at my new site then the temporary address for it is until I take a deep breath and make it live. Any comments appreciated!

These tasks need to be done .....however, there are only two weeks to go until the Winter bearfest in London and there is a lot to do!  Bears to stuff, new animals to think about and packing all the treasures ready to squeeze into the suitcases.  Oh how lovely it would be to drive down but it would take so long.....flying with BA does always seem like the better option!  I will be taking the new tiny hedgehogs with me so they are always happy to squeeze into a tiny space in the case!
Even though I must turn my mind to the bear fair and ignore everything else, It is so hard to not spot a teddy in need of loving at my local antique shop (handily situated just down the road!)  The one on the right is the newcomer who is being shown my sewing machine collection by resident Mr Jones - who I might add is feeling a little saggy himself.


  1. Nothing better than a saggy little bear - evidence of an loving ursine nature. Mr Jones is perfect, as is his new friend...not to mention the sewing machine they are discussing........and what a lovely, caring scene the first photo shows!

    Also love the hedgies taking piano practice seriously, they could have taught my daughter a thing or two about responsibility in that direction.

    Jack is waiting for a photo to be taken and will travel to stay as an in patient when the London Winter Bearfest is behind you. He is looking forward to facial reconstruction, if it is possible, poor old chap.

    Jenni and Hettie xxx

  2. Thanks Jenni! I will look forward to seeing Jack - but you can send him straight away - I am looking forward to seeing him so much xx

  3. Hi Miss Sue,

    Okay, this is straight from a teddy bear's mouth, my mouth of course - Prudence. Your new website is bee-u-tee-ful, I like the video banner big time. I see your little adoption corner is growing, GOOD, there are lots of teddy bears out there that need loving homes. And an extra bonus - to be in a home with a sewing machine collection -WOW, BOY OH BOY, how lucky is "newcomer" (he doesn't have a name?). Mr. Jones will see to it that that issue is addressed quickly. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs and Good Sales at the upcoming show.

    Prudence ♥

  4. Prudence, thank you thankyou for your lovely message!! I am delighted that you like my new website! I should post more pics of the mini sewing machines - I just love them and of course there is more room for them than the human sized ones one my shelf! You are right of course, that poor little bear is definitely needing a name - he is still feeling a little chilly after his stay in the freezer poor lad.

    Lots of hugs!

  5. He looks like a Mr Smith to me!

    1. Yes - that sounds good - Mr Jones and Mr Smith!

  6. Hi Sue
    I've just discovered your wonderful website and tried to send you an email, but when I used your email address it was returned, so I wanted to check if I may, that I've got it right and it is uk. Thanks so much, Jackie.

    1. Hi Jackie - lovely to hear from you! Try again but add another letter N to the last name!