Monday, 16 February 2015

Snowdrop time, and the Winter Bearfest!

Little Daisy enjoying the snowdrops - oh how I love these little flowers!  However, there is not much time to enjoy them as it is time to get prepared for the Winter Bearfest in London this coming Sunday.....Hurrahhhhhhh!
I have bulging suitcases ready to bring and lots more to do before Friday when we fly down for the show.  It is a busy busy week and to top it all I am just about to launch my new website which is very scary stuff!  I am also changing provider so my emails may get a bit stuck whilst everything goes through!  Sooooo if you are waiting for a reply please be patient!  There will be another blog on this new website but I do like this one ...... and I really don't want to lose my friends!


  1. Just stop and - breathe. Everything will fall into place. Just breathe....


  2. Little Daisy has got it right - a few moments of admiring the natural world will set you up well for the strain of time in London.

    Having said that, I ALMOST wish I still lived there so I could get to the Winter Bear Fest (ake that the Bear and Woodland Creature Fest!).

    We will follow you to your new blog if you are closing this one.

    Oh, Wee Georgie and his baby brother arrived safely and are settling in, paws firmly under Hettie's new kitchen table already. Love the outfits!
    Jenni xx

    1. I am so glad that Wee Georgie and brother has arrived safely and settling in well. Thank you for saying you will follow my new blog....I would miss my friends!

  3. Take time to smell the roses and the snow drops, it will all happen. I hope you have a great weekend.
    Hugs Kay

    1. Thanks Kay - it was a lovely weekend and sold out - it was really good.