Sunday, 27 July 2014

Summer time doings.

Okay, perhaps it is time to ban myself from the jaws of Ebay!   I have been longing for one of these thread cabinets for so so long and finally I have found one.  It is a beauty and now I have somewhere I can put all my treasured wooden spools.....sigh.....

It is just amazing to think that no matter what it is you are searching for someone has it there on Ebay haha.  My next purchase this week was a foot pedal for my Singer 99k which I bought last week from local Tom the Singer shop man.  He did tell me it was just for show but secretly I thought I would like to get it going....and I did!   A replacement base from that lovely Ebay place, oil and inspection throughout, and wheeeeee it goes and so beautifully too. 

Flushed with enthusiasm you can imagine how pleased I was to find a little chair in a local antique shop which would be ideal to sit and treadle. (On the other machine) It's bottom falling out and definitely needing some TLC it was a snip at £20.  Another trip down Ebay street to get some upholstery supplies and now I have a lovely chair - even Amber agrees.  How is it that no matter what you do, a cat has, just HAS to come and check on progress or completion. 

She would have a fantastic time roaming around my studio in Paisley, but that is not going to happen!  Especially as she has a penchant for eating strong thread which necessitates an urgent trip to a vet.  So instead she has to make do with making her bed on an antique table cloth.......of course......
Did I mention the studio?  Well that is pretty busy too - when I can tear myself away from my delightful little den at home.  Seriously though, there is lots to do and piles of half finished animals and clothes.  Miss Matty got on with her work and even though it was so hot, managed to complete her order for small garments for a certain two hedgehogs in Wales!    She trundled off to the post office and sent them on their way and is hoping that
they fit her little customers.  (for those new to this blog......Miss Matty is the hedgehog who does a lot of sewing haha)

 Also new this week are the trials (or should I say trails) of bicycle riding with their accompanying bruises.     Not having been on my bike for quite a while I decided it was time to hit the saddle again.  However, I have to confess that my life has been made slightly more easy....with an Ebike.  Alan already has one so he bought another for my birthday so I can keep up with him.  It is great.  It takes the toil out of long steep hills when legs are getting weary as they so often do.

We have had such a wonderful week cycling down to the Loch, having a picnic and enjoying the smell of summer.  It doesn't last long - in fact summer has stopped today probably until next year!  Probably just as well as I have a wonderful collection of bruises and I really need a nap.


  1. Hi Sue,

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the last rays of summer. Take care of those bruises, Miss Matty can take charge of the studio while you are out biking and enjoying the fresh air.


    1. Thanks Joyce:) I keep inspecting the bruises too see their colour change haha. Im too old to get I am soooo tired after all that!

  2. Hi Sue
    Hettie and Flora areDELIGHTED with their new outfits. Flora has to be persuaded yo take off her skirt set and put on her nightie and dressing gown. An hour later we have to peel her little red dressing gown off her as she hops into bed. The next morning we have to force her to take the nightdress off and get dressed. Hettie is also to be found turning around infront of the mirror in her new dress and looking pleased with herself!
    I did send an email of thanks and to ask how much we owe. Did it go to the spam box again? Lots of my emails seem to fail to arrive with various recipients. It is getting a little worrying.
    Your new-vintage sewing machine is wonderful and that bobbin box is to die for. All our bobbins are hidden in a box - the modern ones are just not the same, are they?
    I love Aber's wide-eyed look. My two cats are VERY detrimental to any sewing activity. Blue wants to sit on my lap and Blackberry wants to catch the sewing machine needle or run off with the required thread. (I know - yelling, 'Black and Blue, come and eat your fish!' does sound rediculous, but they came from two seperate homes already named!)
    Let me know if my email is still AWOL!
    Love and thanks,
    Jenni, Hettie and Flora x

    1. I am so glad your girls are pleased with their new clothes!! Matty was quite worried about choosing the colours....:) I will check my email boxes again as I don't think I do have your mail:(