Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Doll and Teddy Convention in Philadelphia

I was so nervous making my way to Philadelphia  to the Quinlan Doll and Teddy convention - my list of possible problems seemed endless!  However, I am just back and happy to say I really enjoyed every single minute of my time there.  

My American friends were wonderful and made me so welcome.  The convention itself was completely packed with things to do and the was truly amazing.  All thanks to Susan and Terry Quinlan who organise the show so well.

The work of other artists was stunning and it was great to meet them and see their bears and dolls first hand.  The atmosphere was so good it was a pleasure to be there.

I still cannot believe that my white wooden shelves managed to get there unscathed and the returned relatively intact - a miracle considering that they were squeezed into one suitcase.  Of course I couldnt resist the little wooden chairs in the artists marketplace...even though I have 14 others in my studio already!!!   The same goes for the little wardrobe - how could I possibly leave that behind.  Tiny Tilly and Miss Matty NEED that now dont they?  I havent shown them yet but when I do they will be very excited hedgehogs.

Mind you I have to say that I came home without any hedgies.....all sold out.  They looked happy to be going to their new homes in faraway places.  Hedgehogs do like to travel...
Perhaps I may get a postcard from them?

Sunday came and I had planned to explore the city of Philadelphia but I confess I slept.....and slept....and slept....   So when Monday came (my day of departure) I was rested and ready to rock.

The day was beautiful with blue skies and birds singing - perfect for exploration into the unknown.  I travelled to the historic area by cab and almost immediately took a ride on the horse drawn variety as it looked so tempting!  We whisked past all the historic sites and although I saw the building that housed the Liberty bell, I didnt feel the need to actually go and see it...  I settled for seeing the one made out of lego at the airport.

Talking of the airport just look at this rocking chair.  There was a whole row of them for passengers to sit comfortably and it was such a welcome sight!     I did need a good sit down after dragging my bags through the airport.  Yes, the little chairs and the wardrobe had to travel with me as cabin baggage (in the rose covered bag on the left).  I was quite prepared to be told they had to be left behind but everyone was very helpful.  I wonder what the little whicker and wrought iron pram looked like going through the security xrays? Hehe.  Baby hedgehogs are about to be born and the pram is a necessity isnt it?
Oh it was a great trip.  When can I go again?  


  1. Don't know when you are going again, but keep me posted because I'm going with you. If I have to wear a hedgie costume or bear costume and squeeze into your suitcase, so be it! I'll be pinching a rocking chair on the way home too - what a lovely thoughtful gesture, can't imagine that happening at Heathrow (or Boston - can't believe how rude some of the staff there can make the phrase, 'Have a nice day' sound!!).
    So glad you had a lovely time. Can't wait to see the new things you bought for your brood. The Americans reallly know how to do props for bears, dolls and hedgehogs.
    We are off to North Wales for a long weekend, but will be back next week to talk to Miss Matty so she can get her machine whirring when she has time.
    Jenni ( not letting the MacTweedys see this as they are still without the essential furniture they require and ....well... a pram? Could Hettie turn broody??!)

    1. It would have been so lovely if you could have squeezed into my suitcase!! I think Hettie should think about furnishings haha.

  2. What a lovely post. I am so glad all the Hedgies are happy in new homes. It sounds like you had a great weekend.
    hugs Kay

  3. Thanks Kay! I really did enjoy it enjoy it......:)