Saturday, 18 October 2014

Autumn leaves

 I love this time of the year - Autumn leaves, red berries and the morning mists. On the negative side I tend to get over enthusiastic and even a bit panicky about the upcoming shows!  It is so wonderful that my little guys sell well but then I worry about not having enough stock for the next shows! (I can't have it all, I know). 

Of course, hedgehogs just have to be seen in autumn colours and wearing warm boots in case of inclement weather. Scarves, hats and even mittens are part of the hedgehog's autumn attire.  When I went into a local shoe repair shop to ask their advice about glue for hedgehog shoes....the guy actually thought I was making them for REAL hedgehogs. How embarrassing.

The next show is at the Glasgow SECC which starts on 23rd October for four days. My stand is E04 Hall 5 - I do hope you can visit me!


  1. Oh, how gorgeous these little Hedgies look in their autumnal outfits! I do love this time of year and am making shawls for Hettie and Wee Flora. Those boots are wonderful. Are they just in big hedgie size? Hettie and Flora would love a pair each for trudging through the Welsh mud with their bundles of laundry.
    When do you have a break from the shows? I am hoping to bring another member of the family into the laundry business at the beginning of 2015.
    Jenni xx

    1. So glad you like the boots, Jenann!

      When you see a hedgehog's feet
      you will agree they're small and neat,
      but to trudge around the muddy roots
      they surely need some sturdy boots!

      These boots were made for the 14" hedgies, but I will try to make some smaller ones, Jenann. To be honest I am not very good at it and it takes ages with me ending up a
      tired and sticky mess. From time to time, though I do have an incredible urge to make them - its funny:)
      Good luck with the shawls - I am sure the girls will appreciate it! The fairs etc should die down in December and then I can join them in hibernation.. I would love to provide another prickly person for the laundry!