Monday, 31 March 2014

Getting ready for April showers

Oh I feel guilty..... very very guilty!  The last post here was a Christmassy one and now it
is almost April.  Where oh where has January, February and March gone while I was not watching?

I have to say in my defense that the first few months of the year have been very hectic, and that included making a Harris Tweed jacket for myself and a matching bear of course.

Getting the calendar for the year with all the dates in place for fairs I am attending always takes a bit of time and deciding which ones to do takes even longer!  Sometimes it is tempting not to go to a fair but if it ticks other boxes then it is still good to go.  Ticking other boxes may include 'a nice weekend away' or   ' well it is near to my family so it is a 
good excuse for a visit!'   Then we remember a particular person who came to an event and the thought of missing that lovely person is too sad if we decided not to go.

So, there they all are listed on my website, should you feel like a visit!  It is so lovely when someone says that they have been reading my blog - I dont feel so silly talking to myself on here, then:)

Hugglets in London was a lovely fair as usual - that one is always a must to attend.   Lots of bears and hedgehogs went off to new homes and I saw some of my old friends who always come along.  

Now I am getting ready for the next one - Pudsey Doll and Bear fair this coming weekend.
Although it is smaller I do enjoy this one as I get a chance to look at the antique dolls on offer and maybe be tempted to add one to my collection.  Sometimes I am lucky enough to find another treasure - last time it was a silver rattle in the shape of a rabbit which I have worn round my neck nearly every day since.

 Desperate for a bit of sunshine and relaxation we zoomed off to Fuerteventura for 11 days which was really gorgeous but I didnt waste any time there!  I took my study material with me and Laptop so I could work on my assignment for University.  I only have a few weeks to go for that and then ........hopefully....I will have my degree.  Part of the assessment was involving greenscreen work which was great fun as you can see!


  1. I wish you well for your degree, plus a lovely year of hedgies and bears.

  2. Thanks Kay - its been hard work:) I will be able to concentrate more on hedgies and teddies once it is over with!