Sunday, 22 December 2013

Preparations.....and more preparations!

Putting some finishing touches to our living room under the suspicious glare of our cat Amber.  She does not look at all amused that the mice are under the lamp - just where she likes to sleep!

So far Amber has not attacked our Christmas tree.  She has not even sniffed at it in previous years and we thought that it was because it was a real one and like me allergic to essence of pine!  This year however we have opted for an artificial one because of lack of time and terrible terrible weather. Just keeping fingers crossed that it doesnt get trashed by a certain furry person........  I am quite expecting the mice to disappear if she decides they are for her.


  1. Poor Amber - she does look a little confused! Mice without mousie smell, what's a kitty to do?

  2. No... No... we don't want an attack of the mice by the cat. They are far too cute, and look wonderful sitting in that boot.

  3. Keep still, mousies. Amber will soon get bored and go in search of a nice fish dinner.
    Are there any mouses looking for new homes in early 2014, please Sue?
    Merry Christmas to everybody and every creature.
    Jenni x