Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Getting ready for the Gardening Scotland Show in Edinburgh

What a fortnight it has been since we returned from holiday!  My poor Mum in Law so ill and in hospital and I couldnt even get in to see her as I was confined to bed with a chest infection and very painful back!  The osteopath was really good and even supplied a paper hanky to mop up any spare tears!  I think the back was due to a very nasty freaky wave that had tossed me cruelly onto the hard sand.....

It gave me plenty of time for worrying about the impending show in Edinburgh this weekend, and although I do feel a bit better I wonder if I will make it through the day without having to crawl under the table for a long snooze:)  Any visitors to my stand - knock three times on the table and I will appear!

I struggled to find the energy but there it was.....right at the bottom of the box.  Baby squirrels have miraculously appeared beneath my fingers, all bright eyed and bushy tailed as if they do in fact have a life of their own.   Their big brothers are ready too...wearing Harris Tweed outfits and looking so handsome.  Beautiful handmade straw hats using vintage hat straw were made (where did THAT energy come from?) for the large 11" hedgehogs and they look adorable waiting for that elusive summer sunshine to appear....

I know for a fact that I will have forgotten something vital.  The main thing is though that I have managed it - my cases are packed and even if I am a little worse for wear I will BE THERE - at Gardening Scotland at Engliston Edinburgh from Friday to Sunday.  If you do go along please please please drop by to say hello to make me feel its all worth while:))
Baby Squirrels

Large Hedgehogs looking forward to some summer weather!


  1. I do hope you made it to the show. You must have magic fingers getting them all done while you were flat on your back. I love the squirrel siblings.

  2. Thanks Kay! The first day went well and now I am completely and utterly exhausted..... My fingers dont feel very magic but fortunately I did have a nest of partially finished critters to complete which did help! I also had a little stock in my showroom:) Glad you like the little squirrels.