Thursday, 6 June 2013

All the fun at the Gardening Scotland show!

 The Gardening Scotland Show was a great success - in fact the best for me ever!  I am sure the nice weather helped and everyone had happy smiling faces instead of grim and miserable with the nasty weather.....   Even though I was totally flattened afterwards (such hard work these shows!)  I thoroughly enjoyed it and meeting friends old and new.
It is always lovely to see people coming back to add another little animal to their family or even a change of clothes!

Milford Brown spent an enjoyable weekend too - he was sitting in pride of place in a wonderful vintage pedal car on the Vintage Carden's stand.  Judging by the look on his face he felt good being there!


  1. Milford Brown look just the part sitting in a shinning red car with all the plants.
    I'm sure he would have helped sell the plants.
    I'm so glad you had a good day.

  2. Yes, Sir Milford Brown does look quite dashing in his motor car. I wonder where he is dreaming of motoring? Maybe in the countryside for a picnic?


  3. I am told he worked really hard!

  4. Hurrah! We can see you again and Wee Flora and I are waving paws at the woodland creatures and bears. I do hope to meet a dashing hedgie boy with a car like Milford's Austin.....well a hedgie lass can dream, can't she?

    Did lots of our cousins find new homes whilst at the Gardening Scotland event? It sounds a very good place for woodlanders to live - and bears too.

    We are now sharing our four poster bed with my dear friend Elspeth McGillyCuddle (see Agatha Christie's The 4.50 from Paddington to see where her last name came from, she already had her first name when she arrived here. Elspeth is a gentle little bear and is very good at making cakes and a little hedgepiglet care when I'm too busy to watch Flora closely. Flora is learning about laundry and our ancestor, Mrs. Tiggywinkle, would be proud but Flora still needs time to be little and play.

    All for now. Lots of love,
    Hetty McTweedy xxxxx

  5. Well, Hetty and Flora finally moved over so I could read your last two posts. Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law's illness and your exhaustion. I do hope the gardening show was more restful than hard work.
    I love your photos - the little hedgie in the green hat and coat gets my vote for the best dressed woodland creature! She looks so cute.
    Jenni xx

  6. Aw thanks Jenni!! I am so relieved that you can see my blog again and you enjoyed the pics..... I love Elspeth's name - I must read that book:) I really did enjoy Gardening Scotland even though it was hard work - meeting all the lovely people is a tonic in itself - its afterwards I have to hibernate hehe.

  7. Hi Sue
    Something very odd is happening with my Blogger Dashboard. Sometimes it shows me the title page of a new blog entry but, when I click to read more, it tells me that the post doesn't exist. At other times it tells me that I don't follow any blogs yet and asks if I would like to try some out - I have a dozen or more that I read so I'm not sure what it is doing!
    Enjoy your spot of hibernation!