Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A holiday for bears and bunnies!

Just back from Fuerteventura where we had a good holiday...
When most normal people go on holiday they look forward to a restful time - sitting by the pool perhaps or reading lots of books!  Not me - my suitcase is packed with lots of toys - craft tools and supplies, drawing books and of course the trusty camera.  I did want to take a large wooden boat but the airline is so mean when it comes to luggage allowance isnt it?  The little red silk kite I had made for them presented no problem though as it hardly weighed anything.

Bear and Bunny nestled inside my carry on luggage (not for them the suffocating confines of the luggage hold) even though their steel pelleted tums made my bag heavy to carry. The first walk we had down the beach was wonderful - lots and lots of interesting drift wood to be found and some just the right size and lengths to make a raft for my little guys!  What fun I had making it and even more fun launching it in the pool after everyone was out of sight of course.

Determined to use everything single craft item I took with me I spent days needlefelting some extra friends for Bear and Bunny (after all everyone meets someone new on holiday dont they?)  The good thing about needlefelting of course is that the end results are light.

Are you going to sit there all day or will you help me fly this kite?

Now.....where is that picnic?

Somebody must have eaten it!!

Was it you?

Relaxing by the pool.....
Not so sure about this raft........
I think the sea looks too rough for me.
I think it is wise to learn how to swim before going to sea!

Good thinking - when not sure about raft - make others try it first!
What a busy busy day it was today!


  1. Oh, what fun! Your holiday has quite dispelled my fit of the glooms. I'll bring Trumble, Hetty and Wee Flora down to wave paws. Though Trumble may ask about Mr Jones. Did he stay home guarding the studio?

  2. I just discovered your blog! What a delight! Thanks for sharing the adventures!