Monday, 15 April 2013

Vintage Afternoon Tea Party

 It is a well known fact that teddy bears (and hedgehogs and indeed other animals) do not get out much to socialise which is a pity since they do like tea and cakes as much as anyone else!    So I was brave enough to arrange a vintage afternoon tea party so that they could meet up with other teds and friends.
After much panic and list writing, the day actually arrived and despite my worst fears everyone did come!  In fact the Santuary Tea room was full of bears, laughter and flowing tea and champagne!  
 Jane and her mum travelled from Fife to bring the little childhood rabbit I made 29 years ago for her!  This little bunny went everywhere with Jane and she brought an album of photographs of the many trips the two had together.
A fair number of Elaine's bear family came with her - perhaps thats why they also had their own picnic!

 I was so touched to see some old animal friends - the two little felt  mice on the right were made almost 40 years ago, brought by Jane.
Mr Jones and Daisy managed to have a quiet moment amongst the teapots to whisper sweet nothings...... 
It was a wonderful day and these are only a few of the pictures - thanks to everyone who came and thanks also to the Sanctuary tea room who bravely catered for us all!!


  1. This post warmed my heart. What better thing could you do, than have tea and scones with bears, Hedgies, rabbits and mice. Sounds like a delightful day.

  2. It was, Kay. What a pity you live so far away - we would have saved a seat for you!