Sunday, 3 February 2013

Winter primroses

I couldnt resist the winter primroses when I popped into my local garden centre.  I wasnt even there for flowers but those little lemon heads just caught my eye and I fell in love.
The remind me so much of my father who would plant MASSES of them around the garden every year and proudly point them out when we visited. 

Nestling in vintage baskets instead of the horrible cold ground,  they are making the studio showroom really pretty.  Spring time is only round the corner really and I cant wait to see the first snowdrop.

On my work table is a row of little rabbits waiting to be completed; near the radiator stands a drier holding tiny cardigans of so many different hand dyed hues.  This time I even managed to keep myself dye-free which is a first! Hedgehogs are peeking at me from baskets under the table and bears are begging to have their noses embroidered.  My winters sleep must come to an end and my fingers must start to fly.....the Winterbearfest in London is only three weeks away and there is much to be done.

For the time being I must put away my sketchbook and pencils although I have enjoyed a veritable spree of drawing in the last two weeks! Once I start I cant stop.....  When Wednesday comes though there wont be time for everything when University starts again. (I must be mad hehe)

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