Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Antique and Panda hunting!

When Alan told me he had booked two tickets to see the pandas at the zoo, I thought it couldnt get better but then he suggested we go to the Ingliston antique fair for the morning first!   As we had not been hunting there for quite a while it was such a delight to rummage through those hundreds of stalls even though we were completely exhausted by the end of it.

These are a few of the treasures I came away with - Oh I forgot the mini rolling pin which kept me in conversation with the garrulous stall keeper (about glass walking sticks of all things!) for at least ten minutes....  I love the tiny illustrated books, and the pictures in Nister books are always exquisite.  I can never resist a little sewing basket and who is that at the right of the picture??   No - its not Mr Jones......but exactly the same height and make!   I think it must be his long long twin brother - what a shock for Jone!  Whilst Mr Jones travelled the world and looks the worse for wear for his travels, this guy must have stayed at home carefully brushing his hair.  No doubt Mr Jones will introduce him to his travelling ways though and he will become just as travel worn in no time.

After shopping until we dropped and the bags were full to bursting (and no money left) it was time to move on to the second treat of the day.  All the way to the zoo I did worry that the two pandas would be fast asleep since that is what they do mostly but we were in luck.  Visitors are only allowed a ten minute peek which is good as then the poor animals arent overwhelmed with crowds but you have to be quick with the camera to take any shots!   They were both truly beautiful creatures and it is hoped that they do manage to stop eating long enough to have a baby sometime!

So by the time we had wandered around the rest of the zoo laughing at the squirrel monkies, watching the tiny monoose babies and trying to spot the koala bears asleep at the back, we were tired and more than ready to go to the hotel.

Just as well we had spa treats waiting for us next day to soothe away our aching muscles; I had no idea how backbreaking a days antique hunting and panda spotting could be!


  1. We have Pandas in out Zoo in South Australia. No babies here yet. I love watching them.

  2. Precious.

    So glad to hear that Mr. Jones has a travel and adventure buddy. Can't wait to hear about their first adventure together.


  3. I do wish I could visit Australia, Kay!

  4. The only problem is, Joyce, he will need quite a large bag for all his family!!!! Theres his new Mrs, baby and now long lost brother:) Maybe I should take them all to Australia:)