Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Rocking chair bears

Hamish and McTavish are two new 32" bears with jointed wrists and made in vintage Norton mohair.  Both dressed with clothing made from genuine Harris Tweed and pure wool sweater and trousers. McTavish enjoys a little fishing and carries his old basket with him and his knobbly walking stick!  Hamish is a little more relaxed and rather enjoys spotting wild flowers in the hedgerows!

Both bears enjoy a little antique hunting, and today they spotted a wonderful Victorian rocking chair of a perfect size!  WELL!  It just had to come home in the car of course as it will be ideal for big bears to sit in and rest their weary legs by the fire.  After browsing around the antique store they enjoyed sitting a while on a country bench just at the bottom of our garden by the road.  A little chilly perhaps but the day had been beautiful with sun shining and the sky that pale pale blue.

The wintery sunshine made the groups of snowdrops growing around the seat glow - the first signs of springtime around the corner!  However, it was getting colder as the sun slipped behind the trees and the two bears decided to go back to the house to warm their paws!

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