Friday, 15 February 2013

Miss Matty's new sewing table

Tilly is very excited - Miss Matty is making her a new dress!  It is nearly finished and then Tilly will be able to try it on for size.   Miss Matty loves her new sewing table I bought at the Inglistion Antique fair on Sunday it is just the right age and size and even has a little drawer at one end to keep all her bits and pieces....


  1. What a warm scene. I love the sewing table and sewing machine. I'm sure Tilly's dress will be beautiful.

  2. Tilly is wanting to learn how to sew herself! That should be the next scene.

  3. Where or where did you find that Miss Matty size sewing machine?! I can't let Hettie see this or I'll never here the end of it.
    Does Miss M make Tilly-size dressing gowns? Wee Flora is hoping for one someday.
    Love to you all at Hedgehog Corner,
    Jenni x