Saturday, 9 March 2013

The snowdrop hunt continues!

Oh no, not more snowdrops I hear you say!  But having admired so many clumps of these lovely little blooms in inaccessible places for the last couple of weeks imagine my delight and surprise to find that the biggest and best clump had been growing just over my very own fence the whole time!
Needless to say, I was out there with camera in hand immediately even though I could feel tiny flakes of snow in the biting cold wind. (Its March of course, we can expect the worst weather!)  My new Hare, Alice (named after my Great Grandmother and Granmother) had to come with me.....

 Naturally I had to have other company too .... in the form of a group of teddies including Mr Jones and his ladylove.  He insisted in bringing his whole family along - that was ok as there were plenty of places for bears to sit.

It wasnt long before the cold wind and the muddy ground stopped the fun so I brought a small bunch of flowers inside instead to look at them more closely.  Why is it these transient blooms bring so much pleasure?  Perhaps it because they only appear for such a short while, their delicacy bright in the surrounding harsh winter-dead undergrowth.

I might be tempted at painting them YET AGAIN! This little watercolour was not my best but has hung on my mother in laws wall for over 30 years.  Placed in a small alcove and out of the sunlight it has lasted remarkably well.  

Farewell snowdrops!  I have enjoyed you yet again.


  1. I'm so glad the whole family of bears and rabbits went out to look for Snowdrops. Alice is a very lovely lady, it is a wonder she didn't want to nibble some.

  2. She was very well behaved and tried not to nibble....too many:)