Saturday, 3 November 2012

Antique shops and vintage finds....

How many times do you pass by an interesting sign on a country road when you are in a hurry to get home? It had been a while since I had visited the Stirrup Cup antiques shop just outside Kilbirnie and had always meant to drop in again. This time we did and spent a lovely hour browsing amongst interesting pieces of antique and vintage memorabilia.

I was delighted to find this little cast iron stove made by Crescent I think in the 1950's. There are modern reproductions available but I think this may be a genuine one.
However, I dont mind even if it is not an old one - I love it, and I think the little guys from Hedgehog Corner should think about cooking their Christmas dinner on this or maybe some blackberry jam before then! (Hedgehogs are good at making Blackberry Jam)

There is a lovely crop growing close to our house, in the hedgerows. Of course in Scotland they are called Brambles and the favourite preserve to make here is Bramble Jelly.


  1. OH! This is the same as Hetty's little stove. She loves toasting her toes in front of it whilst her fruit cake bakes and the kettle boils for a good, strong cup of dandelion tea.

  2. Ahhh - I think I do remember you telling me about Hetty's new stove.....