Saturday, 3 November 2012

Welcome home Benjamin!

Benjamin looks comfortable sitting in a cosy armchair and so he should!  After many weeks being lost in Parcelforces lost packages he finally turned up...... Whatever had happened to him in that time?  Poor Benjamin alone in the dark box hopefully waiting to be delivered!   When at last his box was opened he was rescued just in the nick of time before being put to auction - some very kind person studied his label, made enquiries and sent him on his way back home.  Tomorrow I will take him to the Scottish Bear Fair in Troon for a welcome party!!
I am so relieved he is back. As you can imagine I was very upset when there was no trace of him anywhere.  Benjamin is totally unharmed and was still nicely packaged in his warm bubble wrap.  I checked him over and he is none the worse for his adventure.  I am sure he could tell us some stories.


  1. HM... how did the Royal Mail or Parcel Force manage to lose him and then decide to put him up for auction without checking their missing parcels list? Poor chap, he must be exhausted.

  2. Put him for auction?!! That's outrageous! I'm so glad Benjamin is ok x

  3. He certainly looks as though his is keeping his secret about his travels. Wouldn't it be nice to know where he went?

  4. Poor Benjamin, this must be misery and mark special experience in his life, glad he is safe now.

  5. Thank you - I will pass on the messages to Benjamin!!