Saturday, 10 March 2012

New Fairs, Old Fairs - 2012

Pencil in hand and Calendar on table, it is time for decisions regarding fairs and shows we will be travelling to this year! Due to some date changes and resultant clashes with other shows we are not able to attend Glamis Castle and Scone Palace - so apologies to those in the Perthshire region as we havent been able to find anything else as yet to replace these.
Alan has been working hard on his side of the desk booking things and searching for hotels etc and we have made a decision to travel to Devon for the Devon Bear Festival in Newton Abbot! When I was a child we travelled to Devon and Cornwall every year for holidays and I havent been in that direction for over 30 years... So we thought it would be a nice opportunity to go to the fair and enjoy a few days around Dartmoor.

To be honest I am not sure if I have any collectors in that area but I hope we will meet some enthusiasts who would like to adopt a Scottish hedgehog! (or bear of course). We were still dithering whether to make the long drive when we spotted a hedgehog hospital situated only a few miles away from the venue. Alan knew then he had no chance to put me off the trip - it is a must!!!! Just as well there is an interesting looking Steam Railway nearby too.
So if there are any hedgehog collectors out there, the date is Sunday 15th April at the Newton Abbot Racecourse.

Before that fair we have another lengthy drive to get to the Motorcycle Museum on the 25th March which is near the NECC Birmingham. We have actually been there before just once many years ago so we still regard this as a 'first'. I am up to the ears in boys clothes at the moment for hedgies and bears etc - so many people have asked me for boys just recently and I must admit the girls do tend to take over a bit! The motorcycle museum seems to be the ideal venue to show off these little guys. Hope to see you there!


  1. Hi Sue,

    It sounds like there are major travel plans being made in the studio.

    Can't wait to see the "boys", I know they will be amazing.

    Happy Weekend.


  2. Sound like the years calendar is getting very full. Just think of the excitement of people who haven't been able to see your hedgies in the prickles before.