Monday, 12 March 2012

Happy memories

Still rummaging through the boxes of memorabilia in the loft with a view to loft upgrading, we are really enjoying ourselves! Roger came at the weekend and sifted through his old toys and I had a good time looking through my own.

I can hardly believe it is 20 years since I first went to the Doll and Bear convention at DisneyWorld Orlando. I was invited on three occasions to participate and it was such a wonderful opportunity. The very first time was the best - just at the time when all the Christmas decorations appeared and of course it was all so new to me.

I made a wonderful big bear for the auction and delighted at the results. Just before I was due to send it out there it was in my car boot when the car was stolen! I was so upset; more about the bear than I was about the car. When the police arrived he patted me on the shoulder and said 'don't worry madam, we will get your bear back!' Amazingly enough he did!

I have put the badges etc carefully back in the tin and placed it lovingly on my shelf in my new haven. However, I have put the watch on ebay - it seems such a pity that no-one has ever worn it. The item no. is if anyone is interested to have a look!

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