Friday, 16 December 2011

Another very quiet day at the Museum... Alan held the fort whilst I went to my studio to do some work. I had a very important repair to make for a lovely lady Amanda! Despite feeling very sleepy (I am definitely trying to hibernate!) I concentrated well on the task in hand and managed to finish the repair on Teddy so I could return him to his happy owner!!


  1. You did a wonderful repair on the teddy.
    I feel for you when no one is around. It makes the days very long. Do you take hand sewing to do?

  2. Oh yes Kay I have loads to do there! I really dont mind in a way - it has been so very hectic at the shows lately so I am pretty exhausted to be be honest. Its a nice change to be relaxed and able to chat. So close to home and only a few minutes walk away from my studio.

  3. Teddy looks so much better! I hope he makes it home for christmas, though I'm sure he'll misss that cosy bed and the fleece dressing gown.