Sunday, 18 December 2011

Santa's Visit

Even though the Fair at the museum was the quietest event I have ever attended it was with some sadness that we packed up at the end of the day. We met some really nice new friends and clever crafters and we will most certainly keep in touch with them!

The highlight of the day had to be a visit from Santa who brought his Reindeer puppet to be repaired after many years of use. Considering the age of the reindeer he was in surprisingly good condition and Santa showed us the rest of the collection of Sue Quinn toys gathered over the early years - a rabbit, hedgehog nightdress case and Habbie Hedgehog all in mint condition.

Many thanks Santa for dropping by in your busy schedule - it was much appreciated and cheered us all up!! I promise Reindeer will be up to speed very soon and joining the rest of the team.


  1. What a sweet post. Reindeer will be in good hands and back to feeling 100% thanks to his creator, Sue.


  2. Lucky Santa to have a collection of your animals Sue!

  3. What an thrill to have Santa come and visit you.
    I know that reindeer will feel tons better after you have fixed him.
    The friendships are the nicest part of shows.