Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Paisley Museum......

Oh dear.....very quiet at the Museum not even a mouse stirrred! This is the very first event like this at the museum so I suppose it is new to everyone and not many people came these last two days. However it is on for two weeks altogether so there is plenty of opportunity for this to change. I have only signed up for this first week though.

Despite this slight disappointment the venue is so lovely - the museum is an amazing building donated by the Coats Family to the Paisley Art Institute. Scotlands first municipal museum it was designed by John Honeyman and opened in 1871. It was funded by Peter Coats of the large Paisley threadmakers J & P Coats. The collection of Paisley Shawls is particularly worth a look.

I did see one or two visitors who were delighted I was there which was lovely. They used to buy from me when my premises were in Quarriers Village and had lost touch when I moved seven years ago.

One couple bought a reindeer puppet from me over 20 years ago and now it is in need of repair as it has been used so much - he is an important aide to Santa apparently and has talked to many small children over the years.

So tomorrow is another day and perhaps more people will come to visit especially as it is late night opening from 6 - 9pm.


  1. Oh dear, you do look a bit lonely, I hope you get more custom tomorrow. My little hedgie would love to come and pick herself a new dress for Christmas but it's too far from me sadly. Merry Christmas x

  2. I feel so sorry for you. I know the feeling;
    when you get all set up and the stall looks wonderful, then there is no foot traffic.
    Hopefully it will pick up during the week.
    Warm Hugs

  3. I do hope word gets around and you are flooded with visitors to your stall. Thank you so much for posting such a wonderful, clear photo, I enlarged it and thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the sweet little things. I love the little smoothing iron and the hats. Wish I could come and see you and the stall.
    Jenni xx