Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tillys Dress Shop and growing wardrobe

I never seem to have enough clothes for the hedgehogs, particularly with the change of seasons... So I have decided to concentrate on them for a while so their is always a good choice for her whatever the occasion! A trip up to one of my favourite fabric stores was essential and I came staggering back with two massive bags of woollens and tweeds for coats. I also found some good stuff for Tilly's dressing gown and nightie..... The staff are always so helpful to me and enjoy the fact that the fabric is destined for something miniature and not for humans!

With this growing wardrobe in mind I made more coat hangers - always a challenge when short of time and the saw ready to nip off the unwary finger! However, it was quite safe and I managed to create a small pile ready for staining and finishing off with a hook. (oooo I do like a mess!!)

So once I have the clothes completed and organised I must get them photographed and onto my website or ebay. There are some Christmassy fabrics too for the dresses to enjoy the festive season. Talking of Christmassy fabrics I am hoping to have another little trip to yet another fabric store tomorrow just to see what they have to offer! Perhaps I should leave my purse at home........


  1. Ha, they probably would hold the fabric for you. (o:

    Happy shopping.

  2. Happy shopping at the next fabric store. I can see all the little Hedgehogs will have a wonderful Christmas wardrobe.

  3. Little Hetty McTweedy has been such a dear, helpful little hedgie. I really want to reward her with a new Christmas outfit. We didn't like to ask about Miss Matty's shop in recent weeks,as you have both been so busy with pre-Christmas fairs, but Hetty has her claws crossed, in the hope that something pretty will come her way.
    I hope you enjoy the dress making - there's nothing nicer than a new fabric stash.
    Jenni xx

  4. Had a lovely day picking out fabrics... tomorrow when I am reunited with my camera I will put some pics onto my blog! I can just imagine Hetty choosing something to wear!!