Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hopetoun House

(Caroline Temple's beautiful work pictured above)

This time it managed to keep free from snow around Hopetoun House but the weather tried its best to drown us instead. How much rain can we take? I can hear an ominous drip drip drip in the studio but as long as it steers clear of the mohair stashes I can bear it.

Hopetoun was a lovely event again. Despite the colllllld in the red drawing room it is a lovely atmosphere even though the faces in the huge portraits on the walls seem to peer disapprovingly over the top of the stands. The attendance was great and again a huge thanks to those who came to find me and adopt a small creature! A particularly warm thank you to Iain and Marion Gold who brought me another wooden sculpture to add to my display! A lovely couple with a very good collection of approx 400 bears in their home; Iain enjoys carving and turning toadstools and trees which are truly beautiful.

I was a naughty girl though and was tempted with another piece of Caroline Temples jewellery. I am fortunate to own a few of her pieces already but the Hare brooch took my eye.....well I HAD to didnt I?

So that is another year to the next visit to the ghosts of the Butlers pantry (where we exhibitors are honoured to have our coffee!)


  1. We'd love to see the brooch, Sue. Hares and hedgies are much loved by all the bears here at the Radnor Forest Hug.

  2. What a beautiful hare brooch. I must look out for Caroline's work. J xx