Thursday, 1 December 2011

Fabric stashes and fun

It was a lovely lovely day today - a trip to my favourite patchwork fabric shop Kaleidoscope near Milngavie. I just adore that smell of cotton fabric when you walk in the door and of course the stunning array of the colourful choice of prints. You just dont get that when you shop on line do you?

Alan helped me choose - and what a choice to be made. Of course I had to be a teeny bit careful specially as Alan was watching hehe (being my accountant). I still chose wintery shades as I feel it is a bit early to think of spring as the hedgies still feel sooo cold. Unfortunately I didnt get to my studio today so photos will not be posted until tomorrow:(

After all those decisions it was time for a good cup of tea at the garden centre and discussions about the clothes collection over a bowl of soup. I would love to do a fashion parade and hedgie catwalk - if I ever get the time!! If anyone has any suggestions about ideal hedgie wear please let me know! Dressing gowns, brushed cotton nighties and slippers should be on my list at least.


  1. OOOH! Slippers - what a great idea!
    Hetty McTweedy is also giving hints about having cold ears and how lovely it would be to have a little bonnet or hood.... the winds of Wales are whistling around her as she struggles to bring in the laundry. She is sure she is a relative of Mrs. Tiggywinkle and washing and ironing are high on her list off priorities.

  2. Oh, how about a hedgie jammies with the feet in and a little "trap" flat for her behind. That might be adorable. (o:

    You asked......


  3. Have you ever thought of a hedgie Ballerina. That might be a prickly situation to be in.......

  4. The comment from Kays Kids has me teaching Hetty a song from my son's infant school repertoir-

    Holly the hedgehog, Holly the hedgehog -
    Nobody wants to dance with her!
    She's got prickles
    And Oh, how she tickles
    All the other animals
    Who have fur.
    She went to dance with Badger
    But he couldn't budge her.
    Move on Holly,
    This just won't do.
    You tickle and you tease me
    You prickle and you squeeze me..
    Somebody else must dance with you!

    Poor Holly learns to dance alone and becomes the prima ballerina of the woodland dance group. Hetty is very impressed.
    My mother was a dancer and later a ballet teacher. Hetty has started calling her Madame and attempting tubby plies ....
    Tutus please, Auntie Sue! LOL!
    Jenni xx

  5. Aw Jenni - thats amazing!!!!! A Tutu will have to be included!!!!