Thursday, 2 December 2010


Well it is December and although I try to ignore it, Christmas is creeping up! We keep summoning up the courage to get into the loft to bring down all the trimmings....perhaps another cup of tea first! Today I enjoyed a semi day off - there has been so many shows lately and I dont feel as though I have stopped for a moment.
It wasnt a complete day off however - I did some work on my University course and worked a little on a Christmas animation using a watercolour I did a while ago.


  1. Sue,

    Put on some nice Christmas music, grab your favorite teddy bear and have a little quiet time. The Christmas spirit will creep into your heart and bones. Honest. And once all the decorating is done and you step back to take that first look all of this will be forgotten.


    Prudence says that you don't want her to have to fly up there and set the mood. Trust me, avoid that at all costs.

  2. Haha - I think I need Prudence!!