Friday, 3 December 2010

Yessss! sparkly snow, mince pies, Christmas Pot Pourri and lots of berry garlands - put it all together and it definitely works....feeling festive now!!! Two special Christmas orders were picked up today and the new owner was delighted. A secret for someone so I had better not mention any names. This is the bit I particularly love about Christmas time when little parcels are carefully hidden away from prying eyes!! Brings back so many memories of my childhood. One year I made a perilous climb to the top of the wardrobe in my parents bedroom....I can even remember what I found there! I have always loved the festive season.


  1. Me too Sue, not on climbing wardrobes but Christmas is such a special time and your bears would make anyone smile xx

  2. Sue i just adore your tiny hedgehogs.
    My little one comes out of the cabinet & into the lounge every Christmas. He looks so festive in his red felt jacket & sitting on his wooden sledge.
    Happy Christmas :)