Sunday, 28 November 2010

Early Closure at Hopetoun House.

We managed to crawl our way to Hopetoun House for the Christmas Event on Sunday despite the heavy snowfall and even managed to get there in time! However, the weather was getting worse with predictions of road closures etc. The house was very very cold and the staff were fighting a losing battle trying to keep the steps clear.
We were informed of the decision to close early and sadly we packed up to leave. I now know that some people did in fact make the journey and I feel so sad! A big sorry to those who did get there to find the place deserted.


  1. Ah, its a tough call to make
    PS Little Holly is still gorgeous xxx

  2. Thank you! Little Holly has been adopted and will be on her way to Essex where I know she will be very happy with Glenda and her collection.