Saturday, 1 May 2010

Its May already - I cannot believe it; this year has flown by. I am so delighted as I have at last a lodger in my hedgehog house! I have had that little wooden house for a couple of years and no-one has even sniffed at it. A few weeks ago I thought I would take a peek and lo and behold there was a nest with hoggy fast asleep. I was so excited and rushed inside the house to share the news with my husband.
Then.....I worried because I wondered if he was oversleeping haha and though I was relieved that he did waken and move off last week when the warmer weather came, I was also sad as I thought I would never see him again. However, today I thought I would take another peek and........he was back. Wouldnt it be good if it was a female?

On Monday we are off to the Toy Collectors fair in Harrogate; a new venue for the Barry Potter fairs. I am looking forward to it and hope it will be a success. It will be the first trip for my new car and it will be interesting to see if it travels well with all the weight of the fair gear.

Now I have finished this semester for my degree course at University and I am so relieved!

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