Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Autumn colours and fabric buying.

A perfect day to go shopping for fabrics with colours of the autumn. It was such a nice drive over to my favourite store - soft sunshine and hazy views over towards the hills. Berries shining brightly in the hedgerows and golden brown leaves curling and crisp.

I spent a couple of hours browsing and managed to pile up a huge stack of bales as my choice. However I did manage to contain myself and bought only a small piece of each. The colours and styles I chose will blend beautifully with the woolly cardigans I have been dying. Some of the brushed flannels will feel and look so good on my bunnies if the bears share the cloth!

Had a lovely chat with my good friend Carola from Germany who would love another pair of bears. I just bought the right mohair at the weekend in London - something a little bit different.

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