Thursday, 17 September 2009

Hedgehog puppet

I had a request for a hedgehog puppet a few weeks ago. I had first made this particular design around 26 years ago and they sold very well. At that time I attended the Craft Fairs in Edinburgh organised by Richard Green. My son Roger was only 3 at the time and he used to play under the table all day. I called my small business Dormouse Designs.

These puppets have not been made for a few years but I have kept the pattern of course together with a lot of my old originals. The recent request was for a replacement for one bought so long ago - thoroughly loved and worn out after 26 years! It was so nice to be able to make another ; destined to be a surprise birthday gift.

Today I completed it at last as it took me a while to find the piece of fabric I just knew I had stashed away somewhere. It brought back lots of memories - and I am even tempted to make some more....

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