Wednesday, 31 December 2014

What did Santa bring for you this year?

Christmas is a time of magic for me - childhood memories replaying in my mind, those times when things were so much simpler and so so exciting.  Now it is all over for another year with firm promises to start earlier next year with preparations!

My little hedgehogs and bears enjoyed their festivities although they were most disappointed not to having some sledging fun or even snowballs so they had to make do with an indoor set!  I have promised them that there is still time for that....oh yes...
I enjoy thinking of all those little characters posted to new homes ready to be opened on the day. 

The special fun that these little characters can create cannot be explained fully to those who 'just don't get it'.  Life without a little fun and imagination is too sad.  So what have all your bears and hedgies  been doing?  Do let me know......

For now....mine are compiling their New year's resolution lists while I try unsuccessfully to tidy up.  I am making blog plans for the future - looking for any suggestions!


  1. Happy New Year to you all at Hedgehog Corner!

    Wee Fora had new books and a sledge for Christmas this year and Miss Hettie received an embroidered velvet cloak. They dined on chestnuts, sliced marzipan and a whole tangerine while Hettie told Flora stories about their family in far away Scotland.

    Our old bears received warm winter sweaters - lack of mohair being an invitation to catch a chill without them.

    Flora hopes there might be a little hedgehog brother who was not adopted in the great Pre-Christmas Adoption Fairs whom she might send for to live with her. We haven't promised as we are not sure if you have boys in the tiny size! I said we would enquire formally in the next few days but that you are busy over New Year's Eve and day.

    Here's hoping 2015 is a great year for you and all the little creatures!
    Jenni xx

    1. Wonderful! Your hedgehog family definitely has fun:) Tell Flora that there is a very good chance for a little brother.......xx

  2. Happy New Year. It's always a sad time here when we pack Christmas away for a whole year. I wish we had another month, but time marches on.

    Have a very merry New Years Eve and a wonderful and successful and healthy 2015.

  3. Yes, it is just seems to rush away so quickly. Hey ho at least we can look forward to Springtime! Happy New Year to all your family!!

  4. There is no snow for Wilbur at our place. It is hot, hot... I think new bathers will be on the list for next year. Our lounge looks bare today. We packed away our Christmas tree and decorations, talking about all the lovely thin[gs our friends gave us. Yes we have great memories and hope to make more next year.
    Happy New year to you and all your hedgies.
    Hugs Wilbur and Granny

    1. Would be lovely if it was hot here too! There are howling gales outside and I don't feel like venturing out....the cat is hiding under the quilt:)

  5. Hurrah for Hedgehog Corner! We will ask for little brother Fuzzipeg (to be named after his ancestor in the Little Grey Rabbit books when you've recovered from the holiday season.
    We just pre-ordered your new book and look forward to receiving it in May. Perhaps more little creatures will move here after that.
    Many thanks and much love,
    Hettie MacTweedy xxxx

    1. I will be back to work next week ....if I can wake up! I am trying hard to find that motivation to get things done just now but I am still recharging my batteries!!!