Saturday, 8 November 2014

Christmas shows.

Four day shows can be exhausting and my arms leaden with all the frantic sewing beforehand, but it is so rewarding when the show opens to reveal my stand in all its glory! Ok perhaps not THAT wonderful but as wonderful I can get after five hours of setting it all up when sleep would have been a good idea....  Crafts for Christmas at the SECC opened its doors for the 2014 show.

The panic takes over slightly as I wonder if anyone WILL actually come and adopt one of my babies as the uninterested walk by looking for leather bags or ceramics.  I need not have worried, however.  The hedgehogs, bears and other animals gradually made their way to the door and off to their new homes.

Sometimes I wonder why it is all so compelling, but like all kinds of art, it is the desire to create things that other people will understand and love.  I put my soul into these small creatures and I hope that shows in their tiny glass eyes.  It is a wonder that they can all come to life within my messy little studio but as an old friend once said to me - 'you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs' !  You will not find any egg shells here but many fragments of fluff and fur that the newborns leave behind.
As many will know, I have been making hedgehogs for many years - in fact my very first hedgehog was born 50 years ago and I still have him tucked away in a glass cabinet. They have certainly evolved over the years but hedgehogs are still one of my favourite animals to make.  This hedgie is 14" and is fully jointed; made of mohair fabric and dressed in woollen clothes.  This new (ish) size has proved popular  with a number being adopted very quickly - all of course dressed differently and with their own personality.
I have just about recovered from the last show - The Scottish Bear Fair in Troon last weekend.  A quiet event but so lovely - only real enthusiasts arrive and there is time to chat and enjoy their company between adoptions.  Thanks to all that came!
Now there is time to draw a breath before the next biggy event - Country Living Xmas Fair in Glasgow on  the 20th - 23rd November.  My head has been down working on enough for four busy days - torn between making the old favourites and something new!


  1. Sue,

    As always your display is beautiful. Yes, it's a lot of work and long hours and then that seed of doubt sneaks in - but you know that your little creations are made from 100% love, and that shows in those adorable little faces.

    Sit back, and enjoy the show. The people looking for leather and ceramics - they don't know what they are missing - the pure joy of adopting a little hedgehog. ♥


  2. Oh, Sue
    Your creatures, the hedgies in particular, definitely have little souls of their own. I would never be without my two and find myself thinking about their Christmas stockings already, even though I have not bought a singe item for humans yet. They may have to have their own blog soon, so that their personalitites can come to the fore.

    I believe that the ceramics and leather goods are probably being bought as gifts but the creatures are bought for the buyers themselves, to take home and love.

    When the show season finishes, please show us your first ever hedgie. Hettie would love to see her ancestor!

    Jenni xx

  3. Thanks ladies! Jenann, little Hettie may well be shocked and hold her paws over her eyes if she saw her ancestor but if you promise that she won't be shocked I will take some photographs!! Love Sue

  4. Sue that feeling that you have sewn your fingers to the bone and you feel you haven't got the energy to set the stall up is all to familliar. Your stall looks terrific. You should be very pleased that your gorgeous creatures are displayed well. The hedgies are so, so special.
    Hugs Kay