Saturday, 12 January 2013

Hedgehoggy thoughts....

Oh how I love  a good tidy up!  It is truly amazing how many things can be found that had been given up on long ago.  I have spent the whole week pulling out piles of fabrics, disappearing into boxes and creating bags and bags of 'stuff' to take to the tip.  Now I can breathe again and the place has that nice echoing sound to it! It is a bit like clearing weeds in the garden so that young plants can re-emerge.

At this time of the year I do have a little worry about our hedgehogs.  They are one of my favourite animals and they should all be tucked away in their warm nests hibernating through the winter.  However, there are many little ones that have been too small to make the journey of hibernation that have been rescued by wildlife and hedgehog centres all over Britain.  Our local centre is Hessilhead by Lochwinnoch and they are caring for 74 at the moment and will do for quite a while yet until Spring warms the air.  

When that time comes, they are released into the wild again and off they go..... I have been lucky enough to 'foster' and release hedgehogs in the past in those Spring weeks and have felt it a privilege to be able to do this.

So, when I am clearing my fabric room at the studio and find warm fleece fabric for which I no longer have any use my thoughts turn to our prickly friends!  They DO like a fleecy pouch to snuggle into when staying at the wildlife rescue centres!  Rather than throw out the fabric I am making it into these little bags to donate to Hessilhead and if there are too many bags then another centre (or two) could benefit.  I have made a whole stack of 100 so far in three different sizes so I am keeping fingers crossed that they will be approved of by our prickly friends.


  1. You are so kind to thelittle wild creatures. I love the pictures. What an exciting time it must be when you release them.

  2. Yes Kay it really is!! Once I had 'fostered' two rescues from the Hebrides. When it was time to let them go, the male strode off without a backward glance (in the picture above) heading for the hedge at speed and the female lingered long enough for me to get a photo of her in the primroses. (Still trying to find that pic - its lovely)