Monday, 26 November 2012

A new romance....

Country Living Magazine fair in  Glasgow....can you spot Mr Jones?  Sophie is sitting on the bottom shelf feeling a bit miffed.  You see Mr Jones has found himself a new love and who can blame him?  Sophie was more interested in her hats than Mr Jones.  The couple are now ready to hit the slopes in their new sledge.

I think this is a romance that will definitely last - they seem a pair that is meant to be together but I do wish they wouldnt look so serious......

Perhaps they feel that the hedgehogs are taking all the attention.....again......! Anyway please do not worry about Miss Sophie - she is very happy.  Jane Means in the stand next door chose her to demonstrate her gift wrapping skills for a full audience.  Sophie was certainly the star of the show once she had been wrapped in red tissue, cellophane and ribbons galore with just her head peeking from the top!  She was sooooo happy.

1 comment:

  1. And a star is born, in gift wrap.

    I think the "couple" just looks serious because they are thinking about all the Christmas decorations that will be going up soon.

    Hugs, have a wonderful week.