Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Greatest show on earth!

It is time for the Royal Highland show in Edinburgh!  We spent hours setting up yesterday and managed to get it all done and dusted successfully without getting too fraught....
You may spot that Mr Jones is not there yet - he is going to go on stage at the last moment - the lazy bear spent last night still in bed.  Where to put thats the question.


  1. Don't let Mr J be adopted by mistake!
    Hope you have a great time and the weather is better than here so the crowds come to buy from you.
    Jenni xxx

  2. That is funny I just read the last lady's comment. I was going to say, put him close to you so you don't loose him. I'm sure he will want to help.
    Your family of Hedgies and Bunnies look wonderful. Good luck.

  3. Hi Miss Sue,

    Your display is lovely. I do think that Mr. Jones should be in charge of your cash box. That way he will be away from "handlers", and will have a beary important job.

    Hugs, have a great show.
    Prudence ♥

  4. Thanks for your comments! Mr Jones was put safely on the top shelf with his advertising board -'Bear Repairs Undertaken'. He was so proud of himself when he got some enquiries and not shy to show his battle scars..... (I have hidden him tonight!) The weather was truly dreadful though - we all felt so miserable:(