Friday, 22 June 2012

Hurray for the Highland Show even in the rain!

For those who may have been concerned about the whereabouts of Mr Jones, here he is in a VERY important place on my stand at the Highland Show!  He was very charming to those who asked about the repairs and tried to do a little sewing on one of my small machines. 
The day went very well today despite the big puddle outside the marquee and I made some new lovely bear friends!  A number of bears went away with a smile on their faces - thank you to those who adopted!!  Now at 10pm I am finally about to have my dinner...then bath...then bed.  We are both thoroughly exhausted but content.


  1. Oh, Mr. Jones we just love you so much. What a wonderful job you have - helping other bears to "mend".

    Hugs ♥

  2. Dear Mr. Jones I just knew you would have a very important job to do. Talk about the centre of attention.
    I'm glad your Mum had a good day.

  3. Dear, dear Mr Jones,
    I had no idea that you have a medical background. So, should I address you as Doctor Jones or as Mr Jones? I don't remember which title surgeons go by. Please forgive me if I have been using the wrong one.
    I won't bore you with my various age-related aches and pains, but I may make a trip to Scotland for a consultation sometime. In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the famous Highland Show. Did you see any of those wonderful Highland cattle? I would love to have one in my little livestock collection.
    All for now,
    Trumble (it is raining lots here, so Hetty is taking a nap - she is so upset that her laundry won't dry that I suggested a spot of hibernation until the sun comes out again)