Friday, 1 June 2012

Gardening Scotland

First day for the Gardening Scotland show at Ingliston, Edinburgh.  We spent a few hours setting up yesterday and after one or two minor struggles with the shelves and fittings we managed to get everything organised.  This is the first Marquee event of the year for us and the show is on until Sunday.
We had a great day met lots of visitors - a number of hedgehogs and bears going to new homes.  The weather was good - not too warm for strolling about looking at the many magnificent flower exhibits and gardens but pleasant and dry.   There are lots of lovely things available in the Crafts Marquee!
However......when I got home I found Mr Jones and Philpot in a big HUFF!  Not only have I failed to finish their photo album for the blog I forgot to take them to the show today!
How could I be so unthinking........a number of his fans wondered where they were and I felt SO guilty.
So, tomorrow I will try to put things right and take them along so they too can enjoy the event.  I hope they can forgive me - I can only say in my defence that I was too stressed getting ready with everything else!


  1. Oh Miss Sue, you didn't? You left them behind, like "forgot" them? Oh, I am crying just thinking of how they are feeling.

    You better make it up to them, maybe buy them ice cream n honey tomorrow at the fair.

    Hugs ♥

    Your stall looks lovely.

  2. The bears do appear to be enjoying their day out! Poor old Mr Jones and Philpot probably would feel a little put out at being left behind, but Mr Jones did just have a long, sunny holiday whilst the other bears and hedgies stayed at home, so it is fair really.
    However, we, the fans of Mr. Jones, would like to see him in another setting....
    Hope you have another lovely day.
    Jenni, Trumble and Hetty xxxxx

  3. Dear Mr. Jones and Philpot, I bet you cried floods of tears at not being aloud to go. Well I'm sure we will get pictures of the show with you there tomorrow. I think you need a big bag of fairy floss to share.