Saturday, 2 June 2012

Despite the cold day, Mr Jones enjoyed his day today exploring the Gardening show in the company of Philpot.  Out of all the exhibits he was most impressed with the winning garden 'Explorers Garden' which won the gold medal.  It was simply amazing and must have taken a lot of work to prepare.  Mr Jones even managed to get right inside and sit on the explorer's chair!

Of course our Mr Jones was not content until he had climbed onto the table itself to take a closer look at the microscope and other items!  He definitely looks as if he belongs there doesnt he?


  1. Miss Sue,

    Well of course, we bears know all about exploring and adventure. I think they make a perfect & complete picture sitting on the table. Bears rule!!!

    Prudence ♥

    1. I was almost tempted to leave them there as they looked so comfortable! Thanks Prudence:)

  2. Phew! I'm glad Auntie Sue decided not to leave you on the explorer's work bench, Mr. Jones and Philpot!
    I'd like a microscope, wouldn't you?
    Trumble Gardener-Bear xxx

  3. Talk about adventure. Did you study those maps Mr. Jones.
    Where do you think you might explore next???? You look right at home with all that exploring stuff.

  4. Hi Guys
    O yes indeed, a microscope is high on my wish list! Looking closely at the map of the world I cant quite decide where to go.....but I have an inkling it could be the Azores in August if there is room in the suitcase for me and my friend Philpot.
    Mr Jones