Saturday, 5 May 2012

Holiday time........

All ready and packed to go...why is it I panic so much getting ready for a holiday?  There is always so much to be done before I can relax!  It would be so much easier if I didnt HAVE to take a pile of drawing and note books (that I might not even use). As Alan has kindly pointed out, most normal people carry half the stuff.  Whatever does he mean?  Or is he looking at Mr Jones complete with deckchair when he says that.  However, even if I so much as hint that I might not take Mr Jones he goes into a terrible mood (the bear that is, not Alan!)


  1. Have a wonderful, safe holiday. And, of course we over pack - you never know when you will need something to work on. (o:

    Hi Mr. Jones (Prudence here) have a real fun vacation, here in the USA we say "vacation". Take lots of pictures too.

    Hugs ♥

  2. O Prudence, I wish Mum would stop fretting! She keeps weighing her case and sighing loudly when she looks at me. I am trying to look small.....
    Love and hugs,
    Mr Jones

    I discovered that honey is sold all over the world. I put extra jars in the suitcase when we went to Americky and the lady said we had too much stuff. I saw my Daddy gazing at the honey and then squinting at me. If Mammy hadn't been there, I think I might have been left in the left luggage department at Heathrow and the honey might have taken a trip to Vermont!
    Leave all honey jars behind and buy some when you get to your holiday destination.
    Travel broadens the mind, but honey only broadens the waistline.
    PS Hetty sends her love

  4. Now doesn't your husband know that a bear needs a few comforts packed with him. Of course he needs his chair.
    Have a great holiday.
    Wilbur says that Mr. Jones needs pictures for us.

  5. Dear Friends
    I managed to sneak on to the computer at the hotel when no one was watching! They may have removed a threadbare old bear like me....... Help!!!!! there is sand everywhere and there is soo much water I dont know where its all come from. On a brighter note, I will make quite sure I get some pictures!

    Lots of love
    Mr Jones