Thursday, 26 April 2012

Steaming down to Stranraer!

 We had a lovely day yesterday steaming down to Stranraer on the Sou' Western, a special one day excursion hauled by two steam locomotives.  Alan loves steam trains and was very content breathing in the smells of the steam and smoke.  I have to admit it was very comfortable with beautifully restored carriages and the tea and pastry was very welcome!

My only regret is that I forgot to take poor Mr. Jones. I feel terrible about this as I had specifically promised him that he would have some memorable days out after having been confined for so long in darkness.  I felt even worse when I met another lady who had had the foresight to bring not one but THREE bears for the trip all adorned by many enamel railway badges.  Poooooor Mr Jones.  However, if you look very closely you may find he did manage to sneak into the picture after all.....try to find him!

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