Tuesday, 12 July 2011

After a few days of intense dying resulting in multi coloured hands despite rubber gloves and lots of care, I made and dyed lots of little hedgehog cardis! Just in time for the new litter of Tiny Tilly hedgehogs which needed clothes..... I found some gorgeous Liberty Tana Lawn fabric which I have added to my hedgehog clothes stash - Ohhhhh how I love fabric. Some of these little guys are on my website just now and some being saved for the Lakeland Doll and Bear show at the end of July.


  1. Hello Sue
    I settled in and made lots of friends very quickly and, if you have any left after the show at the end of the month, will be asking for a new cardi and dress in August. A little hedgehog needs pretty clothes for Welsh tea parties!
    Much love and not-so-very-prickly hugs,
    Hetty McTweedy xxxx

  2. Oh Sue they are wonderful, so pretty and I adore the fabric xxx