Monday, 20 June 2011

Is it really the Highland Show this weekend?

Two days to go.........have I got enough animals ready? The answer has to be a sort of no as I never can make enough!! However I do have a motley band of excited creatures jumping up and down trying to get into the packing cases so that looks promising. This show is one of the biggest and best for me in the year and after the weekend I will be most likely on my knees - I do get tired with the long days.

I do hope lots of people come to say hello - it gets lonely otherwise haha!! I am just wondering what I will forget this time......there is ALWAYS something.......


  1. Oh Sue,

    You may want to change the word "motley". It may not go over with the little ones.

    You won't forget anything, just make a list and tape it to your purse. (o:

    Hugs, have a wonderful & successful show.

  2. Have a fun and profitable weekend. Miss Tweedy sends her loving wishes to her friends and hopes they all find loving homes.
    I know what you mean about the exhaustion after the big shows. We only have to travel 10 miles to the Royal Welsh Showground, but haven't been in years - it's just too much of an effort to walk round such a huge event and, (very silly this) we have to drive 12 miles beyond the ground - which takes hours even at the crack of dawn because of traffic, park further away than our home is from the showground and then get on a bus to go back in the direction we've just come from to actually get in!
    Mad! Hope you have an easier time arriving than that!
    Hedgie hugs,
    PS don't forget your exhibitor's parking permit!!! My neighbour forgot his last year and couldn't get in - no refund on his show stand on top of losing all those possible sales and contacts!