Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Mohair mohair everywhere!

I hope everyone who makes bears and other animals, in fact anyone who enjoys crafts at all, makes as much mess as me! I am happily working away in my studio and everywhere I look there are piles of mohair, bits of vintage fabric and several projects due to be completed.

If I get excited about a new design the air is thick with fluffy bits as everything flies about! I have just finished a new little panda and I think he is quite cute. A little guy is sitting on my window sill drying - I decided to plunge him into a dye bath poor little soul and I like the effect although he will be soggy for a while longer I expect. Then theres that pink bear still needing a nose.

There is a small pile of sleeping hedgehogs waiting for their eyes - they are ready for the Highland Show next week as they are usually eagerly adopted! It is such a long long day at the show - starting at 8 and finishing at 8. I am such a sleepy person at times it will be tempting to curl up under the table especially after all this manic preparation.....


  1. I can just see the fur flying, Sue--I can certainly relate! Cute panda, and I love hearing about how you're working on other little ones and preparing for your show. I'll need to read your other posts now, since I'm new to your blog. I think it looks great! So glad we've met each other.

    Hugs from Colorado,
    Debora, New Avenue Crew

  2. Thanks Debora! I am trying hard to imrpove my blog but it is slow work. I am glad to have met you too!