Sunday, 24 January 2010

January snow and Happy New Year

A little late maybe but Happy New Year! I cannot claim that my blog was covered undered feet of snow but perhaps I am just a little bit like a hibernating bear or hedgehog and find it difficult to get going in this cold and dreary month.

My studio has had a good tidy up and I have found floor and table space I didnt know existed. I have lots to do - preparations for the Hugglets bear fair at the end of February, a book I am writing and my website. All demanding so much attention that I do wonder how I will find the time for this semester's course work for the degree I am studying in computer animation.

For Hugglets I am preparing some new characters in the 5 - 6" range - Spring Bunny being one in a limited edition of 10 especially for the show. I am looking forward to the Hugglets show as it has been my favourite venue for so many years since it first started.

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