Sunday, 6 December 2009

Fun at the Fairs

The recent fairs have been great fun! So many events in so little time and each one such a success. Lots of old friends and collectors came along and it was wonderful to see everyone and of course some new ones too! Country Living was an exhausting four days but by the end I had just about sold out - the photo shows the stand near the empty stage unfortunately! I have to apologise to those who were so disappointed to find that there was hardly anything left to see by the Sunday afternoon. The new little mice were well received and the baby squirrels too. However the hedgehogs are still the first favourites.

Hopetoun House is one of my favourite events of the year -the house is so beautiful and I just love being in the red drawing room. ( the animals are on their best behaviour!) One little squirrel went home with a little girl called Imogen and she was so delighted. Apparently the squirrel has been named Sue! I hope that Sue the squirrel has been behaving herself in her new home.

I am now just enjoying the first weekend off for a long while and I feel like a hibernating hedgie - I can barely open my eyes! However I have been busy knitting tiny sweaters for five ltd edition snow bunnies which I will be taking to Ocean Terminal this coming Sunday. I love the rainbow yarn for the sweater. His hat is boiled wool and he is wearing red needlecord trousers. I think he must be ready for the snow!

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