Sunday, 15 November 2009

Fairs fairs fairs

November of course is a very busy month with lots of Christmas fairs to attend and bears & hedgehogs to be made. Crafts for Christmas in Glasgow in October was really good and I was especially pleased with my stand. A bigger space this time and I spent AGES trailing autumnal leaves around the back - with the help of Alan. I was really happy that the show was well attended and lots of my little animals went to good homes. I also had a request for a very large hedgehog and I am delighted with the results.

She stands 34" high and fully jointed. I must admit that she took quite a while to make and so long to stuff that I had to take a rest afterwards! She does look lovely though in her cashmere coat.. I think she should be called Poppy. Is she the biggest hedgehog? Well certainly for me she is.
Haddo House last week was great too. The setting there is really lovely and we were lucky with the weather as it had been raining all week. The fair was well attended and I saw a lot of friends old and new - many of them carrying away new additions to their bear or hedgehog family. It was quite a long drive for us and it was so tempting just to stay there for the next fair which was only two days afterwards at the Treetops in Aberdeen.
However, we did decide to make the journey back as I needed to restock a little and sew lots more. I don't like leaving our little cat too long either but she does assure me that she sleeps most of the time while we are away.
The AWA fair at the Treetops was enjoyable - just a one day event. The atmosphere is always nice there and definitely getting more Christmassy!
Now we have to do some serious getting ready for the Country Living Show which starts on Thursday at the SEC in Glasgow. This is the largest event for me all year and promises to be very very busy. Last year I was almost sold out by the Sunday and the time just flew by. My fingers are flying overtime to make new stock and I am really looking forward to it.

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