Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas is coming....

Christmas?  Did I hear someone mention Christmas? If that is the case then I must start doing some Christmas shopping.....  Seriously though, my feet have not touched the ground since the summer and it is all good.  (As long as I dont think about the nasty stuff like problems with shoddy dental work, painful back problems and ceilings collapsing!)

The fairs have all been incredibly good - it is so lovely to meet everyone and especially when someone comes back for another little guy to add to their collection!  One especially nice occasion involved a wonderful little girl - she had been told last year at Hopetoun House that she would have to save her pocket money every single week for a whole year in order for her to buy the hedgehog she really really wanted.  

This year, there she was at the table clutching her little sparkly purse filled with notes.  Her only dismay was that she had not got 'a lot of money' because mum had changed her coins into notes and it didnt seem as much.  This 8 year old had even stitched a tiny blanket for her new hedgehog covered in felt leaves.  I must admit I did have a tear in my eye when I saw her later in the day carrying the little hedgehog on her arm so that it could see everything more clearly!

Country Living fair in Glasgow had to be the highlight of the year, surpassing my expectations  and leaving my little showroom completely bare.....   It was great.  It was all worth the hard long hours to see all those happy faces clutching Hedgehog Corner and Bears by Sue Quinn bags.

 So now I can try to relax a little so that I can enjoy Christmas - the anticipation always being the best part I do believe.  I also believe in Santa who is at this very moment trying to get a new laptop to me for my stocking!  I need a new laptop as oooooo I have such plans for 2014.
They are all exciting so I will give you a sneaky preview in my next post.


  1. Now don't you go peeking around looking for that prezzie, you will end up on Santa's naughty list and we certainly don't want that happening.

    Be a good girl, only a few more days to go.

    Merry December Wednesday.

    1. I am very bad at peeking!! But I will try to behave no matter how hard that is:)xx

  2. Sadly, I had to have a new lap top too. I discovered that bowling them down the stairs is not a good idea as they don't bounce too well.
    So I had to spend all my Christmas money on a new one and Bruce had to spend all his Christmas money on a steering column motor and poor Hettie and Wee Flora must wait for new clothes this year.Still, it means less work for Miss Mattie n the pre-Christmas rush.
    So glad you had a good year in the creature production world - sorry to hear about ceiling, back and dental problems though.

    1. Awwww no they dont bounce well at all Jenni! Santa has actually delivered one so I am hoping that it works well:) Got loads to do next year - all exciting stuff! Lots of lovexxxx

  3. I hope Santa gets that lap top to you. I can;t wait to see what you have planned. I adore that story of the little girl and her Hedgie, How precious.

  4. Hi Kay - I feel so bad I havent had chance to blog for soooo long:) However I do hope to put this right and the laptop might well help. Santa does tend to grumble a tiny bit from time to time but he usually manages to do things well!! Yes, I just loved that little girl - I will try to find the pic I took on my phone.....

  5. PS went to the dentist today and he put everything right that the nasty novice dentist had done incorrectly!!!! Phew, I can smile again! I went to an important meeting on Monday and all the time I could feel it wobbling!!