Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Snowy day!!!

Well, we didnt expect snow today!!  The bears were pressing their noses up against the glass desperate to get out there to try out the sledge that hasnt been used yet.  I nearly gave in but the drive had to be cleared for me to get the car out onto the road. They were better off keeping warm and dry this morning while poor mum had to go to work.

Not the best day for work though.  Road was blocked due to an accident just round the corner from my studio so I had to take a huge roundabout detour ending up at another carpark - only to find out the original blockage had been miraculously cleared!  Edging carefully out of the carpark, another driver came out of his space not looking where he was going.......I managed to find the car horn in the nick of time and luckily there was no damage despite the fact we did actually meet.

I love the snow - who doesnt?  I can think of all the lovely lines of poetry and the artistic displays of ice crystals and icicles but this morning I was tired, achy and wet through.

After a trip to the uni to collect my course work from last term (huge heavy bag!!) I arrived back at the studio much later than intended but despite this I did manage to get a little work done and take some pics for a potential customer in Australia.  I also finished some more of the little 'toy' rabbits which the larger rabbits hold in their articulated paws.   Back to Uni this afternoon for next module - good news of the day being that I did manage to get an A for the last one - whoooopppeeeee.

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